Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rock Collector

You know, it's really sad that it takes a give-away to get me to finish a project! hahahahaha! But here I am, FINALLY, finishing a "Congratulations on your engagement" card! GEEZ!

I do have a cut file to upload on this, but the cut file is a bit of a mess, so as soon as I get that fixed, I'll be sure to post it. But until then, here's how I made the diamond ring.
I used the oh-so-awesome diamond from the Hannah Montana Font cartridge (you know, the one that I'm giving away next week). You can find the diamond on page 68 and button 41 for those who number their image pages. I added it to my virtual Gypsy mat and manually sized it to 2.70 wide x 1.82 high, and placed it in one corner of the mat. I then added the diamond ring from the Sweethearts cartridge (page 47, button 16) and sized it to 2.04 wide x 3.12 high. I placed that on a different corner of the mat. I then placed the yellow and grey papers on the physical cutting mat to correspond with where the items were to be cut on the virtual mat and cut away.
Now the ring from the Sweethearts cart cuts out with an image of a diamond on it... this diamond is NOTHING CLOSE to the oh-so-awesome diamond on the Hannah Montana Font cartridge (you know, the one that I'm giving away next week), but I think I already mentioned that! hahahahaha! Luckily the score marks for the prongs on that ring are cut so to remove THAT diamond and replace it with the oh-so-awesome diamond is just a matter of a couple of snips with a good pair of scissors. Glue in place, and you're done. Now if you can cut the oh-so-awesome diamond on shiny or metallic paper, I think you will be doing this particular project a huge service. But since I only had the grey paper, that's what I went with and then blinged up the prongs for a little shine. Still looks cute.... and one more project DONE! Whew!
Don't forget: I'm giving away the Hannah Montana Font cartridge (that is SO much more than a font cartridge!!!) next week. For all the deets, click HERE! Good luck to everyone!