Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You're Only A Day Away

Tomorrow...Tomorrow... I luv ya, Tomorrow.... Yah, the title says the rest! hahahaha! Tomorrow the Provo Craft Gypsy debuts on HSN beginning at 12:01 (check your local listings) and I think it starts for me at 9:01 p.m. TODAY so guess who will be going to bed SUPER LATE!?! LOL. "Must.... wait... to.... buy....!" The reason is because I entered Cutting Above's Gypsy give away and I really want to win! Can I win please?!? Hey, I'm NOT "above" begging! ;) Check out Cutting Above's new site here (there's still time to enter).

And again, in honor of the amazing Gypsy launch, here's another Cricut inspiration. It is so great just on it's own, but would also be great attaching just the star to the face of a card leaving the tags below to dangle. Dang! Can you imagine silver cardstock behind that star!?! That would ROCK!!!
The tags are simply attached using the large fastener staples... so easy! I used Cricut cartridge George and Basic Shapes for both the font and the stars. I cut the large star at 4.5" and then again at 5 for the shadow. The patterned paper was already glittered for me... so no work there! I did the exact same cut at 1 inch for the small star and then added an even smaller foil star and a simple flower. It never fails to amaze me how simple projects are with the cricut. And now I'm looking at From My Kitchen which has 10 times what the George and Basic Shapes has on it. OMGoodness.... I'm going to be in my craft room (uh, I mean closet) for days. Do you see why I NEED a Gypsy??? I NEED to get out and see the world! LOL! Good luck to everyone! Enjoy the debut on HSN! :)

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