Thursday, September 24, 2009

Serious Mojo

Well, the Gypsy debut on HSN this morning was WONDERFUL! But I wasn't as surprised as I thought I would be because I've been dreaming about the Gypsy for the past week. The ladies over at Cutting Above REALLY did a great job previewing the Gypsy and showing the creative features of it... so good in fact that it haunts me! hahahahaha! If you haven't had a chance to check out this new blog (the one I've been talking about for days), you can check it out here. I'm just impressed with how they have presented the Gypsy and the way they really facilitated their blog's launch. I could use some of that mojo!

But I will say this... the debut really inspired some GREAT cricut creations and today's featured layout is no exception. I have been talking about my love of Halloween and the excitement this year surrounding my Halloween costume. I bought this costume a few sizes smaller than what I wore three years ago and I'm finally wearing it this year. I'm BEYOND excited about that. So those of you who buy that "way too small" swimsuit or pant set or Halloween costume in hopes to use it as motivation to take off those extra pounds, I'm here to tell you that sometimes it works... keep workin that mojo! So in celebration of my lifestyle changes and this amazing feat, I have gone ALL OUT for Halloween this year. I bought Ben Nye theatrical make up and eye kandy glitters and even went so far as to buy colored contacts just to enhance the effect. I'm preparing for tons of pictures from the Halloween parties to the haunted houses to the trick-or-treaters, heck, I'm preparing for shots of simply just getting ready for all the festivities. Can you say MEGA Halloween scrapbook!?! Now that's some serious mojo! hahahaha! While Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, because of reaching my goal, this particular Halloween has inspired a special "achievement" scrapbook with my absolute favorite theme!!! The layout you see here is my title page. My final costume pic will go in the matte and I left room on the very bottom to journal. The Cricut Storybook cartridge was used for cherry blossoms and alcohol ink was applied to aluminum tape I got from my husband's workbench. The stamps I used came from a Stampin Up set called Kanji.
And finally, the contacts came from Color Lenses 4 Less. And they shipped super quick... I don't know if it's because I ordered them WAY before Halloween, but they shipped internationally from Singapore, had to go through customs and arrived to me in about a week and a half, maybe two weeks from when I ordered. SO impressed. Color Lenses 4 Less gets five HIGH FIVES from me!

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