Monday, September 7, 2009

To Hire or Not To Hire

This is a repost from my myspace blog from last year regarding MY thoughts on whether someone should hire a personal trainer to get in shape or not. Since that blog post, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Heather of she founded this national service that actually matches you up with your perfect local fitness trainer based on YOUR needs. I call Heather the fitness cupid! I hope you enjoy this post and I will be sure to include a link at the end so that you can check out too! :)
Ok, so I was asked some time ago (by a certain know who you are) who was wanting to tone up and get in shape, if she should hire a personal trainer; I thought I would take a minute and share my response.
Based on her needs (wanting to tone up and get in shape), my answer is YES! But why spend the money? Think of all the things in this life we invest in. We invest in cars, homes, other people. I don't understand why people think it crazy to invest in yourself. Most of the things we invest in are replaceable...our health is not. But this takes me to another question: how serious are you to get fit and tone? To lose weight? In all walks of life we pay professionals to do what we could do on our own....why? We could sell our own home, but we hire realtors. We could file our own paperwork for divorce, but we hire attorneys. We could do or learn to do our own oil changes, but we hire mechanics. I know the answer to this. It's because a professional (in most cases) can get the job done quickly, efficiently and most importantly: correctly. I cannot seem to grasp, in my own mind, why building our bodies should be any different.
Again, how serious are you? Where does your motivation lie? Every athlete has a coach. People who are genetically predisposed to perfect fitness, perfect form and get PAID (millions) to be that way have coaches. Come on! These people are fitness experts in their own right....THEY have trainers. What makes anyone believe that we are any less important or that our own fitness goals are any less important. The great news is we do not get paid to be in shape. And unlike the professional athletes, we do not have to pay a trainer for the rest of our career lives. We only pay them until we reach our goals and learn what we need to learn to maintain. It's a very short term investment and in my opinion, the best investment you can make.
FYI...personal training does not have to be terribly expensive. I just read a great article in Bella Online called Hiring A Personal Trainer that has really good information and a couple of tips on keeping the personal training from breaking your bank. Another good article I read recently was written by a personal trainer and might help you decide how you are motivated: Training Psychology and The Old Saying No Pain, No Gain. Good luck to everyone and I wish you all happiness and health. Here is the link to be sure to tell Heather FitterTwit sent you! ;) She's expecting you!

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