Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween Music

I spent this past weekend listening to Halloween music while decorating my house. Every year the Halloween festivities in my house starts in September and runs well past October 31st, so I need quite a bit of music to make it through this holiday season. I thought I would share with you my Halloween playlists (yes, I have more than one.... you're probably guessing right now that I'm a FREAK for Halloween) to get you through the holiday as well.

  • Anything from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Monster Mash of course
  • Ghost Busters
  • The entire Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
  • That Old Black Magic
  • Witchcraft.... CLASSIC

CANDY GIVING - aside from the GREAT creepy sound clip cd's (creeking doors, witches laughing, etc.) there are some really great instrumental Halloween cd's that'll conjure memories and make all the ghoulies smile.

  • Charlie Brown Theme
  • Twilight Zone Theme
  • Jaws Theme (this one makes me laugh... hard!)
  • Psycho soundtrack
  • Friday the 13th soundtrack
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula soundtrack
  • The Omen Soundtrack
  • The Exorcist - Theme from Tubular Bells

THE PRIVATE COLLECTION - these are just my favorite artists.... honestly, I listen to some of them year round. but they make Halloween feel like Halloween. Their music is incredible!

  • Sarah Brightman - her voice is beautiful, amazing and often eerie.
  • Nox Arcana - music with haunting sound effects. Beautiful and scary at the same time.... my Halloween staple! It's not Halloween without Nox Arcana!
  • Mediaeval Baebes - voices combined with percussion mainly... different and wonderful!
  • Haggard - German band with the most amazing music! This one is a MUST LISTEN! Scary, beautiful and something you've never heard before! It's like metal and classical, thrash and symphony... even that description isn't right!
  • Midnight Syndicate - I am listening to the Vampyre album right this second (and The 13th Hour is set to play next... LOL). They are my all time Halloween favorite! :)

This is pretty much what you'll find me listening to until Christmas! hahahahaha!


WriterMarie said...

Love Sarah Brightman year round too! Our cable TV has those Music Choice Channels, and the holiday one should start playing Halloween music soon! :o)r

FitterTwit said...

PLEASE let me know if you hear any great Halloween songs that I don't have on my list here. I LOVE Halloween, so of all my lists... this one should be the most complete! ;)