Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gypsy Debut on HSN

Wow!!! Did you see that debut!?! While it went super quick lasting only about half an hour, that half an hour was PACKED. And Ginger was HILARIOUS! She was so excited, her voice went up an octave a couple of times. But of course she is excited... that Gypsy is AMAZING!!! She said that she just got hers two weeks ago. How cool would that be to be one of the people who just gets to play with this stuff for a living? Watching Ginger's excitement tonight made me a little envious of the people who get paid to have this kind of fun! How cool would that be???? And that Gypsy rocked! Although I knew it would!

I LOVE the fact that, now with the Gypsy, your page designs are mobile. Since I usually get inspired AWAY from my craft closet, it will be so nice to be able to pull the Gypsy out when the mood strikes. And the option to do a keyword search for images makes this little hand held catalog worth it's weight in gold! The ability to take your projects to crops means that EVERYONE saves time... I am just picturing all the fun!!! And I NEED the Gypsy Wanderings!!! Did you see what comes preloaded on the Gypsy?!?! OMGosh... I need it!!! It's a hodge podge really of this and that but everything contains a whimsical swirl to it. SO GREAT!!!! From cupcakes to reindeer to hearts and pumpkins (I gotta have that coffee cup with the heart... so AMAZING!). This Gypsy is going to be a LOAD of fun!!!

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what the folks over at Cutting Above have to say about this debut. Should also be quite a bit of fun to see everyone's comments too, so be sure to check them out over at And for those of you interested in the card that is posted... I call it Love On The Menu.... I used the new From My Kitchen Cricut cartridge along with the Storybook cartridge for the frame. Hope everyone likes this one... as with all my designs this week... IT'S GYPSY'S FAULT!!! :) I'm beyond inspired... and I really want to play!

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