Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Cutting Above Inspiration

So yah, winning the Gypsy would be WONDERFUL! But how great is THIS!?! THANK YOU BETTYBEE for this awesome card. Mine didn't turn out quite like yours did. I didn't have all the materials that you had on your tutorial (click here) on the Cutting Above blog, so I improvised with aluminum foil from my kitchen for the swirled tree and simple glitter embossing powder on cardstock and a hole punch for the glitter ornaments. So, it's pretty, but I was convinced that I could do better.... mine just wasn't turning out as nice as BettyBee's did! So here it is again in black, red and silver.... I LOVE THIS ONE!!! The second time's the charm! This card is going to someone VERY special this year for Christmas! BettyBee... thank you again! LOVE the blog, love this card and love that you guys are giving away 2 Provo Craft Gypsies just like the one that debuted on HSN September 24th!!!!!!!!!!

Provo Craft Gypsy winners will be announced October 4th... there's still time to enter! Click here for more info on the give away and a pretty awesome preview of the Gypsy.
***Click on pics to enlarge.


maggie said...

wowzer this is great, thank you for following the tutorial :)
Thank you,

BettyBee said...

Well, I think yours is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for following my tutorial! I so happy that it was helpful. You did a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing your work more and more!

FitterTwit said...

You guys are sooooo nice! Thank you! That means A LOT coming from you BettyBee! So yah, uh, you wanna trade cards?!? hahahahahaha!