Sunday, August 16, 2009

Props to IKEA

A while back I completed a closet conversion for my scrapbook addiction. I was so proud of the workability in such a small space that I wrote a blog post on it (you can see it here). Well, since then I was honored to be asked to do it for someone else. So again, with the same sense of awe with what you can really do in such a small space... here is MY SECOND closet conversion done for Ms. Betty! And while my own closet was strictly for scrapbooking (yes, I installed lighting and even a table top), this new closet conversion was for general craft storage. I also want to say, and I've said it before, IKEA rocks! Most everything came from IKEA. It took me three days to complete and cost about $300 start to finish, INCLUDING the mobile, expandable sewing cart (look familiar?), shelving and storage tubs. The sewing cart runs about $125. The only storage items that were pre-existing were the black four drawer chest and a couple of tubs that you see on the upper shelves.

Because of Ms. Betty's various unfinished craft projects located in various parts of her craft room and throughout her house (usually buried), I shortened and reversed the direction of the hanger rail to accommodate two vinyl drawer centers (IKEA). One is large for larger projects and one is smaller for smaller ones. That way, when she wants to complete a project, all she has to do is pull a drawer and everything for that one project is at her fingertips. And returning the drawer to the organizer (when the project is not being worked on) is super easy. Because the drawers are vinyl, sticker labels can be used to label each drawer and then removed when the project is completed.
Being that the back corner of the closet is generally unusable, I put three tubs with angled, hinged lids (IKEA) for easy access to stored items in the tubs without having to pull everything out of the closet to access.
Labelled tubs (IKEA and Fry's Marketplace) keep all the different craft tools separate and easy
to find. Sewing tools have one box, embroidery tools in another, knitting tools in another... you see where I'm going with this. And the different size tubs accommodate it all.
Vertical storage is my favorite storage of all. Anything that you can put up on a wall means it's easy to find and out of the way. I hung (hangers from Ace Hardware) the yardsticks up on the wall. Since they don't get used often, they had a tendency to get buried. Now they are in plain sight, out of the way and located next to the sewing machine where they will get used when needed.

Because serious crafters (like Ms. Betty) have a plethora of ity bity, teeny tiny items to store, this hardware organizer from Ace Hardware was perfect! Simple labels on the exterior of each mini drawer makes even the smallest items easy to find. And again, utilizes vertical space.

Well, this closet was an easy one and Ms. Betty expressed her amazement that now all of her crafting items are so easily located. She went through a couple of days of some serious organization and purging, but I know that she feels it was all worth it. There's a certain kind of Feng Shui happening in that craft room now, comfy and cozy!

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Coffee@3 said...

Hi it was nice meeting you tonight. Your blog is now on my list of ones to follow. Love the conversion. The conference April 7-9 is and our blog is we're brand new and have been on hiatus for a bit due to illness but we're getting our mojo back :)