Thursday, August 6, 2009

OOOO I Love A Good Project!

Could you imagine living a life that is garbage free???? Wow! There are people doing it! In a previous blog post, I talked about the pretty small changes I'm making to make my world a better place, but then I read about these people who are REALLY making a difference and it truly blows me away. I mean to the point that I too want to make a difference too.

Well, there is yet another couple who is working to rid their lives of garbage for one whole year. I would think that after a year of learning how to live garbage-free, that it would just become a way off life. And maybe that's what they're hoping for. That's what I'm hoping FOR them! :)

They just started their Green Garbage Project last month (in July) and will be sharing weekly how the efforts are going. What perfect timing! They expect to have tips and tricks to share, so it will certainly be worth tuning in. I'm hoping that they talk about the ENTIRE process: the good, the bad... and the ugly! I really want to hear about the transformation. And with the obesity crisis in America... I AM curious to find out if a garbage free lifestyle lends itself to a "thinner" life. No one has talked about that (please correct me if I'm wrong) and I would love to know if one has something to do with the other. My husband and I had a discussion about the topic of our trash after I first heard about this couple and he said that he clearly remembers having, maybe, two bags of trash a week... and that was in a household of 6 KIDS! Now some areas pick up trash twice a week with completely full trash cans. I'm seeing that the garbage is a little out of hand.
I gotta tell you... their story and others like it, have me so inspired. I REALLY want to share their journey! In fact... here's a little goodie to get us all started! A newspaper origami trash can liner (or a recycle bin liner)... diagram here. I really hope that this couple changes everyone's minds and everyone's lives! What a wonderful project to save the earth and bring a couple closer together! This couple has some serious bonding ahead! LOL! This post really is ALL ABOUT Fun and Mental Changes!

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