Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To Love Exercise

Wow... what a title huh!?! It's true though according to Jay Kimiecik, "Intrinsic Exercise" is the way to get there. According to me... HE'S DEAD ON! But I think there is a variable missing from his theory: the individual's present health.

For years I have been on a quest to rehab my body from my past poor diet and exercise habits to the toxic chemicals doctors prescribed to me for years after I sustained an injury. These factors and more led to chronic fatigue, and were quickly snowballing into other serious conditions. I was in a very bad toxic way. Can anyone out there relate? While during most of these rehab years I did exercise, it was always a "something I have to do" and not "something I GET to do" because I just didn't feel good. Toxicity can be paralyzing. But a year and a half ago, things changed. I had just completed my third Master Cleanse and decided to incorporate raw food into my diet in a major way. I suddenly felt wonderful. I suddenly WANTED to move because I COULD move. So I joined a gym and made a commitment to exercise daily. And I have, for the most part, and am enjoying the benefits greatly; I became what Jay calls an Intrinsic Exerciser. But I had to get a handle on my health first.

According to Jay there are four stages: personal meaning orientation, mastery, inner synergy and flow. I would like to add my own stage to that, one that I believe needs to be the first step: personal health gauge. You can click on the link above to read how each of the four stages leads to loving exercise (it's sooo good), but here I want to cover the personal health gauge.

While I do advise talking to a doctor before starting any diet/exercise program, and getting a physical, I also advise listening to yourself. While doctors have had many years of medical school and know what you do not, I also believe that you have lived in your body for as long as there has been "your body" and you know what no doctor can because only you are inside. So how do you feel? Are you beyond tired? Is it more like exhaustion? Are you achy and irritable? Those are all signs of toxicity. That alone can keep you from achieving optimum health and there is no pill to correct it. The only way to remove toxins is to cleanse and detox. I personally have found that the toxins can override my will. That's where the Master Cleanse comes in (it is my cleanse of choice). Once I started cleaning out the toxins, I found that I WANTED to eat right and exercise. I got back that child-like energy to want to run and play. I will definitely be doing another blog post on "playtime" as I have added a new "toy" to the toybox. All I'm trying to say here is, get a handle on your health. It may just ensure your love for exercise. Making exercise fun doesn't hurt either!

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