Monday, August 10, 2009

Health Care Reform

I can't help but wonder about this health care reform issue. There are so many issues to consider, but for me the first and foremost is the fact that EVERYTHING the government has promised the American people (when going against America's wishes) has not worked. A LOT of promises were made that have not come to fruition (fraudulent in my opinion). At this point anything regarding health care reform, coming from the government, can it be believed? Can we expect just more empty promises with self servicing agendas attached? I keep hearing over and over that the American public isn't listening, but in reality, it's that the government can't be trusted. Like any other relationship like that, it is toxic and needs to be purged.

Now beyond my personal belief that the government NEEDS to be overturned, I have a stronger belief that it is up to ALL of us to STOP being dependent on our government or insurance companies to take care of us. Both are businesses and corruptly run as such. Our personal health care NEEDS to start at home. How can we even begin to talk about the importance of health care when our obesity rate is through the roof, when smoking and drinking are still legal but suicide is not.... aren't they all one in the same? Aren't they all just a difference in timing? And I know... some of you will say, "But studies show that red wine is beneficial." I contend that it's what is in the grapes that is beneficial. You want the benefits... eat the raw grapes. What real purpose does alcohol serve if everyone is focusing on prevention and living a healthy lifestyle? What individual responsibility do we have in the matter? I say quite a bit! We have relied on pill popping and quick fixes that have reduced our quality of life greatly. ALL OF IT encouraged by our government AND insurance companies! Why? Remember, they are a business; they are motivated by YOUR dollar. Most of us are not living, but staying alive from day to day. We have an opportunity to turn things around personally as a nation. This panic over health care reform should be a wake up call that we are looking to the wrong sources for our health. The corrupt government has already shown that YOU (the people of America) are only looked upon to fund their special interests. YOUR health is not their concern.... but is it yours either?

Please America, turn this ship around! YOU will not even pay the highest price... your children will.

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