Friday, August 28, 2009

Magic Bullet Strikes Again!

Ok, so I think that I've established how much I LOVE my magic bullet! I have owned one for a little while now, but today was the first time that I've ever used the juicer attachment (that's weird). I was in the process of making a veggie plate and needed to whip up a quick dressing. Of course I picked a dressing that called for juiced celery! Really? Juiced celery? I DID NOT want to pull out my juicer and all the attachments for 3/4 cup of celery juice. My light bulb moment hit.... the magic bullet juicer!!!! That's right! I almost forgot the magic bullet came with that. It's compact and would be PERFECT for 3/4 cup of anything! And since it is so small, I can also remove the juicer attachment and just use the blender attachment to whip up the dressing! Sometimes I am really brilliant. What would have been at least a half hour project of pulling out my juicer, all the attachments, putting it together, then prepping the celery, then disassembly and washing all the parts turned into a 15 minute chore with my magic bullet. I pushed the juicer attachment in the blender, washed the celery, cut the stalk in half, pushed each half through the juicer, removed the juicer attachment, rinsed and finished my dressing in the blender. To clean, I just unscrewed the blade attachment and rinsed the small blender. Since the base is always on the counter (because it's so small and so versatile), there was really nothing to put away. That dressing was a snap and the magic bullet, yet again, turned out to be a time saver. I'm all about saving money, space and especially time! The magic bullet commercials might be corny, but this tiny appliance is a serious kitchen tool! Stay tuned for the dressing recipe so you can try it too. It turned out great! :)

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