Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I have a new toy for the toybox. I talk quite a bit about making exercise fun. Among my "toys" are super fun dvds (Turbo Jam is my favie), a stability ball, a frisbee, a jump rope.... these are all pretty much fun activity tools that warp me back to my childhood. Well get ready readers cuz I just got the mack-daddy for playtime! THE URBAN REBOUNDER!!!

Wow! Is this thing FUN! And it folds to fit in a suitcase. This is some serious travel workout equipment. I cannot keep my hands off of it! I forgot how much I loved jumping! But beyond fun, it gets your heart rate up, is super low impact and surprisingly helps to cleanse your lymph system. Talk about your health benefits! Nothing else I own claims that kind of benefit. Here's a site that explains the detox benefit:

Just so everyone knows, I got it off of for $99. It came with exercise dvds, a stability bar and resistance bands. And again, THIS THING FOLDS DOWN (folds in half, then in half AGAIN)! I can easily put it into my suitcase with room for clothes. Oh, and one more thing, you can put it on flex pay and receive it at your house for around $33 AND there's FREE shipping AND it's just soooo much fun! Did I mention that? The instructions say to have two people to fold it up as it snaps into place when you open it, but I've opened and closed mine by myself quite a few times with no problem. This Urban Rebounder gets a super sonic high five from me.... PLAYTIME!!!

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