Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Know... There's A REALLY Big Challenge!!!

Now I don't claim to know it all (pretty close though... JK!), but there are some things I just KNOW!!!
1. I know there are 365 days in a calendar year.
2. I know I'll never dance naked for a full moon.


3. Anything having to do with "crazy", "mental" or "manic" draws me like a moth to a flame.

I credit #3 to my ex-husband and have decided that "crazy" is a pretty fun way to be. I won't make this a "preachy" post, but suffice it to say that in reality I am full of Love, Power and a Sound Mind. But because that is true, I take "crazy" to a really fun level and appreciate anyone else who does the same! We're all a bit crazy in one way or another and quite frankly, I think that is what separates US from the BORING!!! In the spirit of Halloween and all that is crazy and manic, here is today's fun Halloween project. I hope no one is sick of that MS Drippy Goo punch yet, because I'm no where near being done using it this month! hahahahahaha! I also used the same TSG Halloween Additions set that I used for the October 1st project! I love those versatile sets that let you customize or build your projects.

Ok, so after yesterday's AMAZING blog hop, and all the WONDERFUL comments that you all left about my project, well, I wanna see yours now!!! We're going to be having a fun little challenge for the next 29 days here at Fun And Mental Changes. The challenge is to create an ORIGINAL Halloween project with the theme of "Crazy", "Mental" or "Manic" and post it to the InLinkz at the bottom of this post. You must include a link to this challenge in your post to be eligible to win. A random winner will be announced on this blog, November 1st. Everyone will have until Halloween night at 11 p.m. to get their project entered. And this challenge prize is going to be BIG!!! The winner will receive 3 Tickled Pink Lil Lolita Stamps!!! Check them out below (click on pic to enlarge). So be sure to bookmark this post and get in touch with your inner artistic crazy! I can't wait to see what YOU ALL create!!!


Lesley from WI said...

Cool card. I love that image and the colors are wonderful!

Laura Lee said...

I love this card!!!! it is sooo crazy!!(haha) no seriously cute!!!

ART OF NAIL said...

wow I like it!

Raven B said...

WOW I am really going to try and play. Looks fun.

Sandy Bayles said...

Ok number one is never picked but that is ok....I love the blog and am a follower....Great Card. I also love October 31st ....

FitterTwit said...

Thanx for being number 1 Sandy... it's a great project!!! Who will be #2???