Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Invite Envelopes

Ok, so I received a request yesterday for instructions for my Halloween envelopes. And the good news is, you can use these for ANY envelopes... hahahahahaha! I'm a bit partial to the Halloween ones though... just so you know! LOL! So I'm going to go through the Martha Stewart way and then I'll post a link to a video using Scor Pal to create envelopes!

Now, I have some recent issues with Martha Stewart... but I'll go into that tomorrow. For the purposes of scoring or creating envelopes.... well, NOTHING beats Martha Stewart's Score Board. Aside from the fact that it only cost me $10 with a 50% coupon at Michaels, it also includes an ON-BOARD envelope template (LOVE) and a scoring/folding tool that ALSO stores ON-BOARD!!! Now the little trick with the Martha Stewart Score Board envelope template is that it also includes a little "cheat" that tells you how to make envelops from the #1 size envelope to the A2 envelope that I love so much, all the way to a #10 envelope. You can find the little "cheat" right on the ON-BOARD envelope template!!! So for the A2, I just slide the template on my score board, placed a sheet of 8.5" x 8.5" paper on my board and scored the opposing corners at 3" and 3 5/8". I clipped the triangles that were created by the "intersecting" (HEY! Geometry IS good for something!!!) score lines. Then I folded and adhered.... easy!

Here's how I decorated the back! :) For an awesome video on how to do envelopes using a Scor Pal, click HERE. Have a great one folks... "see" you tomorrow.

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