Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Already?!?

Wow... I gotta be honest, this seems a little soon for me to be doing ANYTHING Christmas. I'm not even through all the uber-fun Halloween stuff yet!!! But I designed a scrapbook layout for today's button challenge over at The Town Scrapper (Ontario, Canada) featuring Victoria Case's Made With Love Lola. Click HERE to view what all the designers made for this challenge and to upload your own button-featuring creation!!! You have until Thursday at 9 p.m. to upload your project.

Now for a little shout out! Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Betties (plural for Betty)! These women ROCK!!! They are a hoot to be around and are BEYOND HELPFUL!!! Betty Barb was kind enough to help with the finishing touches on my project donating her valuable Zots. "Thank you Betties! Any time you want to help with my projects, I promise, you won't have to twist my arm!!!" And it was a load of fun enjoying the pizza muffins with them. We decided that the best part of the pizza is the burnt and crusted cheese on the bottom and edges of the pizza. In fact, we decided that we really should just skip the whole pizza formality and just ask for the pan scrapings next time. I know you all are with me.... I KNOW this isn't JUST a "Betty" thing! hahahahahaha. Have a great one folks! I'll see you again tomorrow for a special Halloween post.... I'm working on it now.... MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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