Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Quick Tips For Super Long, Super Strong Nails

With all of the miracle nail treatments on the market today to help your nails grow long and strong, you might be surprised that there are some super cheap tips that will actually get you further. Apply these tips with your favorite miracle nail treatment and prepare for your nails to 'take off'!
The first is, believe it or not, water. While the experts will tell you not to soak your nails, water is actually necessary for nail growth. Not soaking them of course, but drinking plenty of water every day. The more hydrated you are, the more chip resistant your nails will be. The next item in my arsenal is exercise. Yep, exercise will help those digits look amazing because good circulation stimulates nail growth. Finally, vitamins! I take a multi-vitamin every day... it's no secret that pregnant women taking prenatal vitamins have super long and super strong nails.

Well, just some quick tips for today... hope they help everyone out there as much as they help me!
** Pictured: Konad Plates M19 and M45 for french tips using Konad Special Polish White and Color Club's Art Club in Fuschia with a clear top coat. The Fauxnad plate I used for the flowers was C02 with Konad's Special polish in Black! :)


thriszha said...

this is my fave konadiure of urs... i would love to try this on my nails

FitterTwit said...

AWE! Thanx! Feel free, cuz I stole your pink and grey leopard print! Don't you just love our "borrow" system!?! LOL!