Monday, July 27, 2009

I'll Take The Harmony

Balance is a word that I removed from my vocabulary some time ago when I attended a Quantum Physics seminar. Due to the state of "non-movement" when something is "balanced", I happily opt for... harmony (and come on! Musically/poetically speaking, harmony sounds better anyway) because I'm not in any rush to be in a state of non-movement. For me, the project started with my diet.

I have honestly found that harmony is easier to find when I've completed the Master Cleanse. I read Stanley Burroughs' book, The Master Cleanser, paying attention to his thoughts on what he believes the human diet should be for optimum health. Could there REALLY be a correlation between the food we eat and our mental health? Absolutely!!! Feeling tired and dragged down effects everything in your life. If you too want harmony in your life you might want to give a little internal "house cleaning" a try and see how you feel. Certainly, clear it with your doctor first, but for me, the clearing of the digestive tract and just giving my body a break from having to process food for a while centers me. I get energy like I've never known and I get an unbelievable feeling of zen that I really can't properly put into words here, but I'll try to give you a little snippet. I have to make it through the first four days of the cleanse before zen sets in, but it's always worth the wait. The first three days of The Master Cleanse is always hard for me, but I make it through because of day four and that amazing feeling of serenity and relaxation and the feeling of really being awake in the mind, body and spirit. I also have a really incredible sense of optimism. Not that I'm a negative person, but zen brings with it a swollen heart that truly believes all things are possible. I personally believe that is why fasting and meditation are practiced in just about every religion known to man. God basically gave us a direct connection... hahahahaha... so to speak.

Now, be forewarned if you read The Master Cleanser to begin the cleanse... Mr. Burroughs believes in a raw diet once the cleanse is complete. I have got to be honest; an exclusively raw food diet DOES NOT appeal to me or my quest for harmony. I do think too much of a good thing is bad in that it creates deficits elsewhere. And meat is not bad! Leviticus 11: 1-23 gives a very clear description of animals we can eat and ones we shouldn't. What IS bad are the growth hormones and antibiotics and pesticides and alien additives and improper preparation for meat and vegetable. So I make sure that the fruit and veggies in my diet are ORGANIC raw foods post cleanse.

One of my favorite resources for learning about food and our overall health is from a Bible study course called Living in Divine Health: Wisdom of the Ages by Ted Broer. It makes sense to me that physical harmony with my food is basically a formula of cooking meat to kill what your body shouldn't have and not cooking fruit and veggies to keep alive what your body SHOULD have so that my body is only ever processing the very best of everything. And to keep this "machine" running properly, I "reset" it once a year (soon to be twice a year) with the cleanse. It's something that is working wonders for me and I can't see letting it go any time soon.

*** Holy Organic, Kosher, Raw Guacamole Batman! Where do I start? Well, if you're thinking about introducing organic raw foods into your diet, get the recipe book that contains the most dessert recipes! It's a great place to start and gets the support of the fam! Too funny!

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