Monday, July 13, 2009


I am currently reading a book that I absolutely MUST share! The book is called Fitness and Weight Management Plan and it is just about THE best book that I've read on the subject. The author is Gary Heavin (founder and CEO of Curves International, Inc.)... yes, the 'Curves for Women' guy!!!

Now I wouldn't normally bump into a book like this, well, because I don't work out at Curves and because this book is not in book stores, but I have a dear friend who DOES work out at Curves and recommended the book to me. So off I went in search of my nearest Curves and boy am I glad I did! I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy for yourself. Mine cost right around $8.

The book starts out with a description of the Curves workout, which is good information for anyone looking to join Curves, but I skipped that part and started with the section titled Embracing Change. If you don't get this amazing informative book for anything else... get it for THIS SECTION! I have never read anything that was more motivating! The first principal that jumped out at me was "process". Certainly, regaining one's health is sure to be a process, but it makes sense that you can liberate yourself by purposing the process. What I mean is, "I'm going to form a process to change my life." This is actually Goal Setting 101 and applicable for anything in life you would like to achieve. It's a simple idea of create an action plan and execute. I LOVE it!!!! Super information with very well written "how-tos"!

The second idea that practically made me do a somersault was: "Two steps forward and one step back (done consistently) still gets you to your goal." WOW! What an epiphany! Suddenly this book has somehow set me free and released all the guilt I have for every time I've quit or fallen off the wagon. Suddenly bullying myself seems really "anti-process"!!!! SUDDENLY, falling off the wagon or taking that step back is actually PART of the my process and in actuality should be honored.

Yah, this book is a definite HIGH FIVE! I didn't even get into how the ENTIRE book is actually one big action plan! Cuz you know how we all hate someone telling us losing weight and getting in shape is easy, "here's the plan", but then they fail to tell us HOW to execute. That is EXACTLY what this book focuses on! Being just over a quarter of an inch thick, it was a very easy read, had excellent visual appeal on every page with pics and nice font type and was filled with informational, motivational and most importantly, APPLICABLE information. Run - Do Not Walk - to your nearest Curves and pick up a copy today! Come to think of it, this book gets TWO HIGH FIVES!!!

**I think I just discovered my own personal scoring system. From here on out, look for more 'high fives' on items I'm diggin! :)

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