Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Man's Lazy Is Another Man's Efficient

I have never really thought of myself as a movie or dvd collector until one day I woke up and had over 250 movies (in their cases) that needed a home. Those dvds sure do take up a lot of space! Well, because I'm always looking for ways to utilize verticle space (meaning that I love to put everything up on walls) I decided that it was time to invest in a dvd storage tower. "How many does the tower hold?" I couldn't find a single one that held more than 200 dvds and I certainly didn't want to line my walls with dvd towers. Enter the Discgear Auto Select 100!

This little baby is somethin!!! It's about as big as a loaf of bread and holds 100 dvds. Each dvd is assigned a number that corresponds to the 'on board' catalog so you can always find what you are looking for in seconds. This magical invention has saved me so much time and so much space... I now own 8 that organizes all my computer programs, music cds, audio books and of course... movies!

Oh, but wait everyone! It gets better! While these wonderful selectors are also conveniently stackable and the perfect size for transport (there's nothing like easily packing 100 movies to take with you on vacation), I just discovered that they are the perfect size to fit the IKEA Expedit book shelves. Tah-Dah!

That is a PERFECT fit if I ever saw one! I no longer have to worry about stacking them... cuz I hate having to 'unstack' them to get to a particular movie. That's not lazy, that's efficient! LOL! The shelving unit is beautiful while also being multifunctional as it not only holds my movies, but books, nic-nacs and magazines. I even have two beautiful baskets for the 'hide away' storing that I also love to do! Check it out! -->

I have a total of three Discgear Auto Selectors (one per shelf) for my movies with plenty of room to store books behind and it looks great. I marked each selector A, B or C and keep a separate, alphabetized master catalog. Example: A54 is Transformers and C54 is Iron Man. This allows me to keep all my movies in alphabetical order on the master catalog even though my discs can be found in any of the three Discgear holders. The best part is if I should decide that my movie collecting will get out of hand, I can always expand the shelving to create more space at the same time add more Discgear Auto Selectors without disrupting the cataloging. I am an organizing MACHINE!!!!
BONUS: Because of the magic of IKEA, I was able to get rid of a 'single use' piece of furniture and replace it with a VERY ATTRACTIVE multi-use piece of furniture that took up the exact same amount of vertical space. And if you look closely at my pics, you'll see my Discgear Selector 50 on top that holds my Karaoke cds. Don't laugh those are important! But notice that the Selector 50 is not square like the Auto Selects and therefore not stackable. Also, for those of you wondering what the IKEA expansion pieces look like (cuz I'm all about the visual), here you go:
If you put one Disgear Auto Selector on each shelf, that would be 1600 movies you could collect and store beautifully with still plenty of room to store books. That is some serious space saving and some serious Feng Shui if you ask me!!!! IKEA ROCKS!!!

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