Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator Review

Ok... so I've been using the Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator for two weeks. The product information touted that it was supposed to stimulate up to 1/4 inch nail growth. I'm not positive that I got a quarter of an inch growth, but I did get marked growth and my nails appeared strong. I used it alone and also wore it as a base coat. Now....

Why, oh why, must I ALWAYS be in search of something better?!? I spent $20 on .5 fluid ounces of this clear nail growth stimulator hoping that it would be better than the VERY BEST nail growth stimulator I have ever used that was a fraction of the price... NAIL-AID. This $20 bottle of Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator gave me only part of the results that I get when I use my Nail-Aid Pink Natural Growth Therapy that I buy for $6.50 which is also .5 fluid ounces as well. AND Nail-Aid's growth therapy is a sweet clear pink that brightens my nails too. I should have just stayed with what I know works and saved my money. I REALLY should be doing a Nail-Aid review... OOOO! Guess what tomorrow's post will be!?! LOL! And as soon as this Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator is gone, I will be ordering my favorite of all faves... the Pink Natural Growth therapy! Tune in tomorrow... I'll tell you all about it!!!

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