Friday, July 3, 2009

The Old Clunker

A few years back I received a Creative Zen Micro Photo for Christmas. It was wonderful! The fact that I could finally carry around all my music in a super small (or I thought at the time)2.25" x 3.5" music player was sheer freedom from carrying around that old, large, portable cd player and I won't even go into the tons of music cds that also had to go along for the ride. Ok... so I'll mention them briefly, hahahahaha! And I was also surprised by how much lighter this music player was. At 5.5 oz., wearing it fashionably on an armstrap to the gym put me in the leagues with the top fitness buffs. Then something shifted... I was no longer hip, or in, or cool anymore. Suddenly everything shrunk and my music player was now a gigantic dinosaur! What the heck?!? Now everyone was sporting music players that were as big as the face of a watch and were a million times lighter than mine. All of a sudden I was back in the 7th grade trying to convince my mom to buy me the latest cool fashion (Converse All Star high tops and long shorts also known as "jams") to no avail because I had a perfectly good pair of generic brand sneakers that worked just fine. Whew, I'm glad THAT flashback is over.... where was I?
Oh! I NEED a new music player... after all, it will help my workout. I will be more streamlined with lighter equipment thus enabling proper form and efficient aerobic output.... :)

Wow... it worked! My husband really bought that?!? Actually, I don't think it was my reasoning that worked so much as finding a great deal on Amazon that moved my husband to give in and let me get a new music player even though "my old one works just fine". I got a Creative Zen Stone, I only paid $25 for it and it arrived perfectly: brand new in package. I really do love it with it's 1.5 oz. weight that allows me to simply clip it to my workout tee. And at 1" x 1.5" it stays completely out of my way while working out.

BUT... I do see another music player purchase on the horizon (don't tell my husband), that is IF Creative Labs FINALLY releases the Krystal in the US (currently only available in Hong Kong)! It's like the Zen Stone Plus, but also contains a pedometer! Yeah baby!!!

Just an FYI everyone... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Creative Labs Zen players far more than the Apple IPods. While I understand that IPod kind of has a "monopoly" on the retailer market with all the accessories, etc., I have heard more than one complaint about the IPod, how it works and sometimes doesn't. I also have noticed a high replacement rate among my friends while I still had the old Zen Microphoto clunker working fine.

I am amazed with myself for calling it 'the old clunker' when I grew up listening to vinyl on ENORMOUS record players. That evolved into 8 track (no description necessary) and then cassette tapes. Remember the HUGE boom boxes? HAHAHAHA! Old clunker.... whatever!

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