Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Not That I'm Lazy

Ok, it IS that I'm lazy! I paid for a service to send out cards. I've always thought it was important to connect with people in a real way, but I'm also TERRIBLE about getting to the store to pick a card. And since I can usually be found in close proximity to my computer, it just made complete sense that a service that allowed me to "order" a single card or even a multitude of cards was going to save me a ton of time. Surprisingly, I found out that it saved me some money; not a lot, but it does save me some. My biggest thrill is the time savings. And on top of NOT having to go to the store and sort through a TON of card options ranging in price from $.99 to $6, I can also have gifts or gift cards attached to the card I'm sending, again.... without leaving the comfort of my home office. AND I can even schedule my cards to send on future dates. Yah, this service just gets better and better. So much better that I have now decided to be an affiliate. So, if you wanna try this card service out for yourself FOR FREE, click here.

And when I say FREE, I mean that someone you love, like or could even hate, will receive a real card in the mail from you on MY DIME! Know anyone you're needing to send birthday wishes to? Someone who just had a baby or moved into a new house? Maybe you know someone who just went skydiving for the first time that you need to congratulate. It's all here. And if you should fall in love with this service the way I did, after you start your membership (I recommend the wholesale package), you will also be able to even DESIGN your own cards. From the picture that appears on the front, to the writing sample that you send in to have your own personal font created, you're free to design away! There's nothing like sending a card with YOUR OWN handwriting in it! The service even scans your signature (4 to be exact) so that you can 'sign' your cards too. The pic that's posted here (click on it to enlarge it...cuz it's funny!)is the card that I made for my sister. She sent me a picture of her dog in the middle of a yawn and I couldn't resist! I customized the pic with the word bubbles, made it the front of a card and sent my card creation to her and got a hysterical phone call two days later when she received it. We both laughed... HARD! This service is just so great!

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