Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Ask Why

I have a brain that loves to dive into situations and seriously dissect them... sometimes asking 'why' to a fault. But there are times when I will hear something (usually on the news) about politicians or scientific research that really sets me back and I wonder... how can that NOT make sense to everyone? Why is no one asking why?

With obesity on the rise, it amazes me how little responsibility Americans take for their own health. WHY do we sit idly by and wait for someone else to help us? So I'm watching the local news (SOMETHING I RARELY DO) as the anchor talks about obesity studies and research grants that have been awarded to try and find the cause of the highest obesity rate America has ever known. Our researchers are traveling (all expense paid) to foreign countries to study other cultures whose obesity rates are at normal levels. Why?

So I'm walking through the gardening department (<--- because I'm officially a gardener now, YAY!) at my local home improvement store and pass by an entire isle of fruit, vegetable and plant growth enhancers. Huh! I get home and turn on Discovery channel to hear the tail end of a documentary on commercial chicken processing. Do we as Americans realize that meat that is being grown, from birth to processing, is being cranked out in record time? Everything that we are using to fatten up our food and our wallets is being ingested and is MAKING US FAT! Do we need to pay scientists millions to discover why Americans spend $80 billion annually for diet pills, diet foods and fitness products while obesity continues to climb? Is it really any wonder why America is having trouble losing weight? Hello! We are eating growth enhancers. More specifically fattening agents. When are Americans going to learn that there is NOTHING we can do better than just the way God made it. And has anyone kept a record of how many "discoveries" came from other countries that are only employed in the US? I'm not really into conspiracy theories, however I have to wonder how many great ideas were sold to the US to weaken us as a nation. Why aren't we asking why? I mean, I don't think it's accidental that China has been trying to poison us for years. I find it hard to believe that they are actually using the products they are selling to the US... Come on, look at their population! We are dying and becoming sick from using products they produced while they continue to grow. And why haven't I heard anything about our government ceasing trade with China? First lead and now toxic drywall, why are we lacking in common sense? For every two poisoning agents we have found coming from China... how many have we missed? It's sad that we've become a culture of why ask why, someone else will protect me. The government will discover the cause of all my ails and will make sure that America is protected. What will happen when we realize that has not been happening? When everyone is ill, all the money is gone and the groundwork has been completely laid for a God-hating country to take control of weak America will not be the time to ask why. The answer is, "Because we let them. And we did it without question."

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