Sunday, May 10, 2009

Twitter Freak!

I've gotten heavily involved with Twitter as of late, but had a very hard time explaining why. I was asked, " What is Twitter and why do you like it?" Ok, well, Twitter is a way to communicate. It asks you what you are doing and you explain in 140 characters or less. Stop! I've revised! Here is my answer:

"I am officially a Twitter Freak! Twitter is, in my opinion, the greatest form of communication there is. As a matter of fact, if husbands and wives could communicate solely through Twitter, I believe that the marriage rate would increase because of it. Yes, I said that I'm a FREAK! But let me tell you why. Twitter asks, 'What are you doing right now?' But what you are doing now means very little in the Twitter world. Tweeple (the people you talk to on Twitter) want to know, 'What do you think right now.' That is the true beauty of Twitter. It is multiple on-going discussions with many people simultaneously and SERIOUSLY entertaining! You have the option to just listen in on other's conversations or participate. It is beyond cool!

So here's why I believe it could help every marriage.... How many times have you talked to someone who added WAY more info to the conversation than was needed to get the point across? Well, I tend to be one of those people. I am a talker. And when confined to 140 characters to convey a thought, I find that I speak far more efficiently. Something I know that any husband would appreciate. Also, what you say can be viewed by everyone (there are privacy settings, but generally people tend to speak freely... another aspect that I love). Talk about putting your thoughts out into the universe!!! This is an amazing forum to insight some real positive change. It promotes communication in every facet of your life from work to home to school with strangers, family, co-workers, friends... the list goes on. I can actually sit down at my computer and in about an hour connect with over 100 people in real time. And at the same time, those 100 people can forward my 140 character or less thoughts out to 100 people that they're connected to. That is some serious compounded communication. But beware here. If you communicate the wrong things, it can also cause some negative change. Say to 100 people that you hate dogs and watch 10,000 dog lovers cut you right out of the Twitter community. The power of the followers to 'unfollow'!"

The one thing that I would like to see change is what Tweeple on Twitter are called. I think the 'followers' catagory should be changed to 'connected to' or 'unconnected'. I've never considered myself a follower by any stretch of the word and have always associated the word 'follower' as being kind of negative. And after all, isn't that what communication is all about... the people we connect with or don't connect with? Just some food for thought for the Twitter folks. Or better yet, they can change the category to "freaks" and "others". Just kidding of course. Yah, I'm a FREAK... on Twitter!

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