Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost There!

So in my blog post, It's Official, I have a HUGE caption on the plant pictured there as ZUCCHINI. Yah, turns out that is NOT zucchini. What I planted was actually summer squash. And beautiful they are (check out the pic... no really, check it out)! And they are just about ready to eat. Oh, I did plant zucchini as well, but they are not growing as quickly as the summer squash. I will be plucking the first batch by next week. I'm so excited!!!

And in the meantime, I will be nurturing the corn, watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumbers! Here are the updated pix.

Be sure to click on the pics for a closer view. I originally planted spinach next to where the actual zucchini are planted and the leaves got so large, it blocked the sun and I lost the spinach. So that will be my project this weekend AFTER I pick up some gardening gloves. Now that my nails have started growing again, well, I'm just not willing to sacrifice. I hope everyone enjoys the update. I'm thinking that I'm in for one amazing salad! LOL.

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