Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Such a Kid... Again!

As of late I'm finding myself focusing on the fun of working out. Actually, truth be told, I look for the fun in everything hence the blog name... LOL! But I'm noticing the workouts that I WANT to do are the one's that make me feel like a kid again. I now have two such workouts that I want to share with you. These workouts turn exercise into playtime and I LOVE them!

Some months back I attended a Body Flow class at my gym that I lovingly call Yogalachi. Body flow is the mix of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Sounds like it should be difficult, but that is exactly what made it so fun. The Body Flow moves really make you focus on balance and really develops your core. When you're successful you feel a great sense of accomplishment, when you're not, you feel a great sense of, "hey, I'm seven years old again!" I have NEVER laughed harder when working out (which, by the way, increases the fat burn). I noticed the first time I took the class that even the instructor lost her balance a couple of times with a giggle. That class is honestly the most fun hour and one that I actually look forward to! It's the kind of fun that makes you forget that you're sweating your tookus off! Warning though, because it's the kind of fun that makes you forget you're working out, don't over do it like I did the first time I took the class. I found myself not able to move the next day!!! I literally had to roll out of my bed and crawl to the bathroom when I woke up the next morning. YIKES!

This next workout is one that I just did today for the first time. It's called Turbo Jam. I first saw this workout on an infomercial from Again, this workout gets me in touch with my inner seven year old and I can't wait to do this workout again! It's kind of a mix of boxing, martial arts and dance. Turbo Jam is loads of fun and I highly recommend it. Unlike with my first Yogalachi class, I took it easy today. I need to be able to move tomorrow morning to get on the stationary bike! hahaha!

Well, these are my top two workouts that make me look forward to playtime... I'm such a kid! I hope they bring out the kid in you.

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