Sunday, May 24, 2009

They're Coming Back

About two months ago I began preparing my backyard for my very first garden. While I was so excited to start this new adventure (adventure, really?), one of its consequences broke more than my heart. I managed to break every last nail until I realized that I should just keep them short until all of the hard work was done...(sniff). Some have said, "just wear gloves." Well, easier said than done. Try getting ahold of a stubborn weed at the root wearing gloves! No, I was just resolved to short stubby nails... until now!!! They're coming back... hello luva!

Realizing that all the hard work in the garden is done for the time being, I decided to pull out my Konad nail art and play. Yes, the pic shows short nails, but I assure you that they are quite long compared to the length I've been sporting lately. I'm just so happy to have pretty nails again. If someone can point me in the direction of a miracle treatment for cuticles, that would be just super. I found that the garden wrecked them as well and I'm trying desperately not to cut them (something you should never do, and I had to learn that the hard way)!

Bonus: One of the blogs that I just started reading posted a contest for the Konad Nail Stamper B Set. It's a little too late to order the set, but if you already own it, check out Casual Lavish for more info.

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