Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For some reason, we just cannot leave poor Ms. California alone! I can't help but think that in a land where we prize freedom of speech, that Carrie Prejean could be so condemned for exercising it. It seems to me that her answer to "Mr." Hilton's question should have made her a shoe-in for the title for exercising the freedom that we prize so highly as Americans.

The temper tantrum that Mr. Hilton exhibited on his vlog is case in point. He felt the need to personally attack her without consequence while she attacked no one and is getting crucified. I say heck with freedom of speech (we've managed to warp it into something seemingly very unjust)! Go to a society where we are truly held accountable for what we say and how what we say effects others, and 'OFF WITH ALL THEIR HEADS'. Just kidding of course! Why, that's anti-American!!!

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