Friday, October 26, 2012

Copy Cat

Ok, so this cat was copied (mostly) from the OH-SO-TALENTED YouTuber Becxstar123, you can check out her tutorial HERE.  I used Diamond FX in Black, White, Yellow and Orange.  I finished my eyes using Ben Nye Black shadow.  As I've been saying for weeks, the right brushes and the right products makes creating looks like this surprisingly easy.  My contacts are from and are SUPPOSED to be yellow cat eyes, unfortunately the yellow is so light that my blue eyes show through making those cat eyes look like a dingy green.  I really was hoping for yellow. Every pair of contacts I own have been purchased from and MOST of my contacts are perfect.  The only problems I've had are with the yellow pairs.  For whatever reason the yellow just isn't quite opaque enough and end up looking green.

Also, a quick note about cat eye contacts as opposed to other contacts that have a round center.... the black slit in the eyes DO NOT STAY vertical!!!!  If you wear these contacts for any amount of time, the black slit likes to float horizontal.  Just a word of warning.  If you're REALLY wanting some animalistic eyes to finish off a look like this, I HIGHLY recommend getting a pair of wolf contacts (in any color) as you won't have to worry about the center of the contact lining up correctly throughout your Halloween festivities.  I actually found THESE for less than $30:

Wouldn't those just look terrific with this look?!?  I so wish I had a pair!!!  I MIGHT be able to rush delivery to get them by Halloween???? NAH!  I better not, with only 5 days until Halloween, something tells me I would be paying a pretty penny for expedited shipping and you all know I'm SOOOOO over budget as it is.  But catch me next year!!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I got an email reminder this AM ... 20 days!!!! YAY!!!! Anyhoo... carry on Julie :) I love love love this one!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!