Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fire Breather

Ok, so this one is just a quick one.  I got my yellow cat eye contacts the other day and couldn't wait to put them in and play.  I originally was going to do a cat face for my next Halloween look in my Halloween series, but when I put the contacts in they turned green up against my blue eyes.  That's ok, I kind of dig the green hue, I just wish the color was more intense!!!  And a little thing I JUST learned with contacts.... THEY MOVE!!!  It was SO HARD keeping the vertical pupils vertical!!! But they were in and so this abstract dragon emerged.

As before, this look features Ben Nye and Diamond FX makeup.  I used #2 and #4 round brushes along with a 3/4" flat brush... but no wig this time, so nobody laugh at my hair!  LOL!  The yellow cat eye contacts came from (my blue eyes show through the yellow making them more of a greenish yellow cat eye).

I'm thinking I need a little more practice.  The left side of my face is HORRIBLY different than the right side.  It was so difficult angling the brush on that side.  I'm very uncoordinated, but hopefully will progress as Halloween gets closer.  Word to the wise, if you're going for a special look this Halloween, BE SURE to practice your look before Halloween gets here.  Take it from me... there is NOTHING more frustrating than al


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh that is just toooooooooo awesome!!!!!

Krista said...

you. are. a. nut. ball!
and don't start me on the whole contact lens thing