Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hatless Hatter

Well.... so this in my LOOSE interpretation of Tim Burton's Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  My pinks were more on the purple side, and I didn't have white mascara but..... didn't I rock those eyebrows!!!  LOL!  And honestly, my eyelashes are so blonde, I really didn't need the white mascara anyway.  I think, in the movie, the hatter had an orange-ish brown color lining his water line on ONE of his eyes and white lining the water line of the other, then white mascara on his lashes.  I didn't have the mascara or the orange-ish liner so I lined my water lines with white pencil.  Lucky for me I already have the orange hair, but unlucky for me my hatter is missing her hat!  I really dug this one even though I was missing quite a bit.... but this look still pulled together!!!

This look features Illamasqua white foundation mixed with Mac NW15 Studio Fix Foundation.  I then used various pink, purple and red eyeshadows around the eyes and cheeks.  There weren't any particular name brands here as I pulled the colors from an OLD makeup bag.  As I said earlier, the eyeliner is white and those AWESOME brows (I'm so proud of them) were painted on using Diamond FX in orange.  Finally, the lips were done using Burt's Bee's Fig Lip Shimmer.  I think this one might be a keeper this Halloween!!!  If only I had that AWESOME hat.....

*Contacts are white manson contacts from  These are NOT white out lenses, so my blue eyes show through making them look a bit gray.  One of these days I would LOVE to get the actual green manson lenses that were used in the movie.... one of these days.  It won't be this year, there's only 12 DAYS LEFT TILL HALLOWEEN!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

UPDATE:  I WILL have my hatter hat this year!!!  Check THIS out.... it's BRILLIANT!!! 

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks sooooooooooo cool!! I love this one!!!!