Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living Dead Girl

Ok, so my friend Bailey requested a Zombie look.... this one's for you Bailey!!!  This look is PERFECT for my blood red contacts (!  It makes this look seem a bit more "diseased"!!!  For this one I started with a white base and then layered purple, red and grey to create the zombie-like shadows.  I drew on the scratches on the eyes using my black eye liner.  SO SIMPLE!!!  I'm so hoping I get to redo this look on Bailey.... hopefully I can get her to model too! ;)


UPDATE:  Since Bailey's request.... I also received a zombie request from my friend Krista. Maybe I can get them BOTH to model for us!?!  Fingers crossed!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What's 6 plus 15???? Just sayin'!!! *wink* :) I love love love this one!!! Very cool!!!!

Krista said...

now i've got this song stuck in my head!! love this look. I have several pinned i'd love to have you recreate for me sometime :)