Monday, October 22, 2012

Wigging Out

Ok, so a couple of days ago I featured a dark fairy.... well, on special request, here's my "light" fairy!!! Scroll to the bottom for complete instructions on how to fix a cheap wig or keep reading on how I did this fun Halloween makeup on a budget.

So my makeup was done in purples and blues (Yeah baby... that's blue mascara!!!!  Hello, 1980's!) using colors from my new Day, Night, Play Palette Purse I just got from Ulta.  This thing is AWESOME and quite a find.  It's on sale right now, buy one get one half off.... just in time for Halloween dress up!!!  I actually used a coupon and got it for around $20, so it fit my quickly dwindling Halloween budget but made for quick work of putting this light fairy look together.  Check it out:
The purple you see on my lips is actually the same purple I used for the crease of my eye.  To create those purple lips, I simply scraped some of the purple shadow onto my counter top using a clean bobby pin, wet a lip color brush and picked up all the purple eyeshadow shavings.  I then applied the wet eyeshadow to my lined lips and topped it with glitter.  Note:  I keep Lysol Disinfecting Wipes handy for quick clean up of messes JUST like these!!!  Anyway, I also added glitter to my eyelids and lined my eyes with blue AND lavender eyeliner making sure to extend the lines (another great tip if you don't have complimentary fake eyelashes) at the corners.  I lined the water line with white eyeliner pencil and slapped on that awesome blue mascara and I was done!!!  This is really another one of those looks that is cheap, easy and can be done in a pinch.  BUT....

Check out that wig!!!  I LOVE THAT WIG!!!  Believe it or not, that purple and white wig is a wig that I picked up at my local grocery store for $6.00!!!  Here's what I did to make it my own!!!

  1. Buy a cheap-ass wig.
  2. Soak in hot tap water with 1 cap full of fabric softener for 30 minutes (DO NOT USE BOILING WATER!!!!  Cheap-ass wigs melt!)
  3. Drape the wig cap over the bathroom shower nozzle so that the hair of the wig hangs upside down to dry (this helps to give your wig volume)
  4. Once it's mostly dry (about 3 hours), put on wig and secure to your head using bobby pins
  5. Use a WIDE toothed comb to style and detangle
  6. OPTIONAL:  watch THIS video and follow instructions to cut and shape your new wig... How To Cut Your Own Hair
  7. Hairspray the crap out of your wig so it stays in place
While I've never used this video to cut my real hair (cuz I'm a chicken), I HAVE now cut two Halloween wigs and both of them turned out AWESOME!!!   What do you think... this purple and white one turn out pretty good?  Ok you guys.... go wig out!  8 Days Till Halloween!!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Have you shared those wig tips with Krista?? I bet she'd love to know them! You look AMAZING!!!!!

Lori Barnett said...

Thanks! I have a couple cheap-ass wigs that I need to fix up for a figure skating competition coming up. I need it to look like Olive Oyl hair. Gonna have to try your suggestions! Otherwise..I might come knockin' on your gate for help! lol!