Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gift Idea at 30% Off!!!

I went to OC Nail Art yesterday to place an order. It donned on me that with Christmas coming up, there are going to be a lot of people in search of the perfect stocking stuffer. Last year my gift giving idea was to personalize... well, anything... for that special someone with embroidery from Artic Fox Designs. I had my Bible cover embroidered and it was AMAZING... you can check it out HERE.

This year my gift idea is (you'll never guess) REUSABLE NAIL ART KITS! Now before I go plugging this WONDERFUL product, I just want to say that Konad, the maker of these awesome kits, does not pay me. The retailer OC Nail Art does not pay me either, but for now there is a 30% discount to anyone and everyone who uses the discount code "MENTAL" at checkout, so really YOU ALL are getting paid for my blog post today.... hahahahahahahha! Right now might be a great time to pick up a nail art kit or two for a special someone.

Ok, now the plug... just cuz I love them! Note: the prices that follow get even better with that 30% discount!!! For those who are just starting with nail art and want to start slow, my recommendation is the "S" kit. I started with this kit and fell in love with the ease of application. This starter kit comes with everything you need and at less than $20, it is super affordable.... especially since all the kits are reusable nail art that you DON'T throw away. You will use this over and over choosing different colors, if you like, each time because you can also use regular nail polish. Here's my post on the different types of products that you can use with the Konad Nail Art system: Special Nail Polish vs. Regular. I say, buy the "S" kit and one special polish to bump your purchase over the $20 mark and take advantage of OC Nail Art's free shipping with purchases over $20!

Another great value, and the kit I wish I WOULD have started with is the "C" kit. It comes with a couple different special nail polishes and my favorite nail art designs. I ended up buying these designs after the fact, but after buying them, I realized quickly that I wish I would have started there. This kit is another one that contains everything you need and qualifies for free shipping.... we ALL love that! This one is under $30.

Now.... if you want something a little more significant than a stocking stuffer for someone who LOVES the nail art and throws away A LOT of money every year on the typical "use once" nail art decals and stickers, I recommend the "G" kit. It is just under $100, qualifies for the free shipping and comes with A TON of images and special polishes (including my favorite staples, black and white). Whoever receives this kit will not have to spend another penny on nail art designs.

Ok, so the above kits are MY recommendations. There are many more kits to choose from at OC Nail Art. In fact, my dream kit is on sale RIGHT NOW!!! It's the BIG DOG and contains EVERYTHING. For someone like me who is addicted to nail art or for an actual salon professional, the Professional Salon Kit is DEFINITELY the way to go.

Oh! One last comment/recommendation. You can search individual image discs HERE! The reason that is such a good option is because this system isn't just great for nail art... it's also a handy craft tool as well. It's that embellishment that can turn a $1.00 glass bowl into a 1 minute gift. I will be posting this Christmas gift I just made using my Konad nail art kit. SO CUTE... stay tuned.

Welp, that's pretty much it for this year's gift idea. If you guys DO give it a try, or get one for that special someone... let me know what you think! :)

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