Monday, November 23, 2009

"I Became a Millionaire with Home Tech"

This stuff is gold! I did a little cleaning yesterday and ALL my glass surfaces cleaned easily with one swipe of a slightly moist rag. Actually, I would have to say that the rag was mostly dry, but those are semantics that us millionaires don't have time to quibble over. All my mirrors wiped clean, my glass top kitchen table and even my black porcelain sink wiped clean in seconds.... yah, it was a little cleaning! Why? Because 4 months ago I treated all my mirror and glass surfaces with this Home Tech Acrylic Polish. It's an invisible barrier so when you get smudges and smears, they wipe away easily with a mostly dry cloth. Even those greasy hand prints that are always so tough to clean off windows, wipes away easily with no streaks. It really is amazing! I swear these people should pay me for this! Mostly because I'm NOT a millionaire (which you all probably already guessed since I'm doing my own cleaning), but I could be. With all the cleaning time this stuff is saving me, I could be out buying lottery tickets because I'm not slaving with my cleaning cloth. And one of those lottery tickets could be worth $10 million and then I would win and say, "I became a millionaire with Home Tech!" But why would I say that if they aren't paying me? They should totally pay me!

HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, that's all for today's rant. All joking aside, this stuff is incredible and weirdly cheap. One bottle cost me 15 bucks and will probably last me three or four years. I love that it saves me SOOOO much cleaning time and keeps everything looking pretty. I especially love not having to kill my back and shoulders with trying to clean my bathroom mirror... this stuff takes off even the toothpaste flingins like magic. You know what I'm talking about... that crusted toothpaste/water droplets that usually take FOREVER to clean off the bathroom mirror. And if you own ANY glass top tables... Home Tech is a must!<-- You will thank me for that!

Home Tech gets a HUGE HIGH FIVE! In fact, I don't ever want to be without it!

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