Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Girls Day

Wow.. those girls days are something else. It's so incredibly healthy to stop and spend the day with your besties. It's even better when you stop to see a totally awesome movie... uh... like New Moon!!!! Yep, I saw New Moon today and it was WAY better than Twilight. The special effects were incredible and I think some of the cast has taken acting lessons. I say some because Edward is STILL looking like he's sick or in pain for EVERY kissing scene! COME ON!!!! And why the dramatic pause for EVERY line??? Just spit it out already! Ok, so your leaving... bu-bye! I'd rather look at the newly transformed Jacob anyway! And it doesn't take him three days to say his lines. Actually, because everyone's performances were so much better with this film, it made the poor guy playing Edward look even worse. I probably just ticked off the entire nation of teenage girls and I'm preparing for my house to get egged, but I'm only saying this so that the guy who plays Edward can fix it for the next movie. PULEEZE fix it. But other than that little critique, this movie was EXCELLENT and I can't wait to own it on DVD... I might even have to go see it again in the theater. Anyone want to take a girls day? Guys are welcome, but only if you dress appropriately (i.e. dress, heels and wig)! See you there!


awesomevegan said...

I always said I was Team Edward but I am starting to wonder... Jacob was hot in the movie! It was way better than Twilight I think! I can't believe they wanted to recast Jacob. They even made him audition again AFTER he put on all the muscle! Craziness I tell you! I am starting to think a hot werewolf to cuddle in the cold may not be a bad thing right about now! LOL. My bf is more Team Jacob. He said the werewolves were bad*ss.

FitterTwit said...

Dang! That makes me love it even more. The dude who played Jacob Black had to WORK for it... that makes it even better!!!! There's certain character traits we attain through blood, sweat and tears when we are "thrown to the wolves"! hahahaha... pardon the pun! awesomevegan, thanx for that morsel of yumminess!!! New Moon Rocked!