Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Kind of Art

Welp, today was girl's day! I was so lucky to spend the afternoon with great friends at one of my favorite venues... a rubber stamp fair! And while this post is REALLY about the AMAZING gem that is pictured here, I do want to mention how sad I was to see the fair was about 1/8 of what it has been in past years. Gone were the ENORMOUS door prizes, in their place were coupons that were given to the lucky winners. Replacing the shoulder to shoulder vendor booths were widely spread vendor tables that didn't even fill the convention center. In past years we could barely make it through the thick crowd and today was a leisurely meander through slim pickins. I was sad to see that this event that I always looked so forward to had diminished so drastically in our struggling economy. The brighter side of this sad, sad tale is the fact that I didn't have to scratch anyone's eyes out or pull anyone's hair to get my hands on the amazing artwork that you see here.

Featured here is the HILARIOUS artwork of Emerson Quillin. You can find these stamps at American Art Stamp. The bulk of the money I spent at the fair today was spent with this vendor for this artist's work. I purchased 5 stamps from this artist and HAD A BLAST creating with them this afternoon. I will be sure to take pics of the others and get them up as soon as I can. But this one is by far my favorite!!!! Check em out... they are my HIGH FIVE for this weekend! :)

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