Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea

I just got a Bible cover embroidered and it is BEAUTIFUL. What a great holiday gift idea! This Bible cover design runs about $25 plus tax. My friend Patty of Artic Fox Designs did's what it looks like.

Sorry about the picture quality. The Bible cover is vinyl, so the flash created quite a bit of shine. Without the flash, the pic is blurred. Oh well...what to do?If you would like to get in touch with Patty, feel free to contact her at 480-456-3644. You can also order online at Her website shows a TON of designs and she can embroider just about any material (I was shocked when she said that she could do vinyl).

Just a little gift idea I thought I would share. Happy gift shopping!


Patty said...

Thank you Danielle for your kind words on the embroidery that we did for you. We enjoy doing custom embroidery for people. Its great to see reactions of people when they see their completed embroidery. That is what makes my line of business worth it.

We also are doing Christmas Stockings this year with names in Gold or Silver metallic thread. I embellish the stocking with Swarovski Crystals. They really are very very pretty.

Good luck with your blog and your website.

Patty said...

Holiday specials for Artic Fox Designs Embroidery:

**Digitizing fees are waived with purchase of embroidery on logo size designs”


***10% discount off embroidery with purchase of apparel from my website of $10 ea or more

Thank you Danielle