Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's All In The Details

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! I know that mine was AWESOME!!!! As you can see from the pic.... I go all-out for Halloween. Although this year I went one step further with these SUPER COOL contact lenses. I got them from and I have to say... these babies get a dozen HIGH FIVES!!! Not only were they affordable (I got them for around $40 with shipping), but they were comfortable, really easy to wear and looked fantastic! I have never worn contacts before so I was nervous wearing them; in fact, I was warned that they would be painful because I have never worn contacts. That was SO NOT TRUE!!!! These contacts were amazing and really made my costume this year. I predict funky contacts every Halloween from here on out! LOL. One thing I want to add, and I think I might have mentioned it before.... the service from was WONDERFUL. I got my shipment within days of placing the order, and they were sent overseas! Pretty impressive.

One last Halloween tip before I call it a day (cuz I'm still recuperating from my sugar hangover): Be sure to prep your costume days before the Halloween event. It took me over an hour to figure out how to put these contacts in since I had never done it before. It is not advised, but I FINALLY got them in by gently pinching the bottom of the contact. That allowed me to secure the top of the contact to my eyeball, since the top of the contact was now cupped from the pinching of the bottom, and then releasing the bottom to fit into place. I had to be REALLY careful so that I didn't tear the lens. The proper instructions for inserting contact lenses (and the ones I couldn't quite master) can be found here. I DID, however, prep my wig with a cold bath in water and two tablespoons of fabric softener three days ago. After the bath, I wrung out the wig, gently towel dried it, combed it into the style that I wanted and allowed it to air dry until it was completely dry. I placed my wig over a 1 gallon water bottle to dry since I don't own a foam wig head. I did end up with some unruly pieces, but that was from the teasing and hairspraying that took place during dress-up on Halloween night.

Well today begins the "un-fun" of packing all my beloved Halloween decor, make-up and costumes to do it all again next year... YAY! I always pack everything as I left it from this year and go through my rituals again next year, the reason: freshly washed costumes, wigs and decor always smell better! :) That's it for my Halloween tips... be sure to book mark this post so you have it for next year! On to Thanksgiving!!!!
****NOTE**** WOW! You guys REALLY DO read my blog! hahahahaha! The Geisha costume got nixed at the beginning of last week when I had some "wardrobe malfunctions" when I started prepping. Translation: I still need to lose 10 more pounds before I'm wearing that in public!!! hahahahaha! God, please help me make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!

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