Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Eggs

Well.... yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!  Not only did I score AMAZING card kits from Dove Art Studio's class yesterday, but I also got to hang out with some of my favorite people!!!  Now, truth be told, I spent just about the entire day (off and on) coloring the images you see pictured.   I don't typically spend that kind of time coloring three cards, but I was working on coloring the standard "Copic" method of coloring and it was HARD for me to change up my order of application, pressure, etc.  It was almost like I was a beginner all over again!!!  I really got a taste of what my coloring students go through. are three things to keep in mind when you sit down to color with alcohol ink markers:

1.  Know YOUR mechanics and the mechanics of the pens.  Alcohol ink is like no other medium I can think of.  The blendability of this ink is AWESOME but if you try too hard, you will not get the best these markers have to give.  That means learning and practicing key things... when to apply light pressure, when to apply harder pressure and at what angle to the paper to keep your marker nib for various strokes.

2.  Swatch your colors.  Picking your colors is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of enjoyable coloring with alcohol ink.  For example, you pick three greens (light, medium and dark) that don't blend well together, you are going to be working very hard, not getting the desired result, wasting ink and overall not having a very fun time coloring.  Also, BECAUSE of our own mechanics and how we hold our pens, the amount of pressure we apply when coloring, etc. certain colors won't blend for us like they do for others.  That is perfectly fine... there are so many wonderful colors to choose from that taking the few extra seconds to swatch your colors (making sure they blend well beforehand) will save you all that time and frustration in the end and make your time coloring fun and relaxing.  All alcohol ink markers (that I know of) group their markers into "blending groups" or "families" which are subcategories for the various colors.  That certainly helps when picking colors to color with, so if you don't know what greens you need, just ask an instructor or customer service at your local art store.

3.  When you practice, pick images you really like when you color!  I ADORE these "Antics" Dustin Pike images!!!  The whole time I was coloring these oh-so-cute ants, no matter how frustrated I got with myself, I always came back to the image and smiled.  It also helped that all the ladies I hung out with yesterday ALSO went gaga for them.  That kind of excitement is certainly infectious and created a definite interest by on-lookers which motivated me to get these cards done.  Yep, liking your subject matter makes a difference.

Well, that about does it.  I think I'm about ready for a nap (I was coloring until 1 a.m.).  Thanks to Jenn and to Vanessa and JoDean.... you guys made yesterday SOOOO AWESOME.  You are good eggs.  LOL!

P.S.  Deb and Patti, I'm so sorry that I didn't get more time to chat with you guys.... it was SOOOOO great seeing you and I plan on bumping into you more at Stamp Works for the Saturday make n' takes!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Those cards are CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Glad you had fun!

frances joy said...

il keep this on my mind*** haven't tried to colour on my entire craft life... :) you make me love the antss.. sooo adorable...

Audrey Frelx said...

Love your cards, they are adorable!

Thanks for the alcohol ink marker tips!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These came out so good! Your coloring is truly amazing!