Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New Journey

So I joined Curves around Christmas of 2011 and just started the new Curves Complete program (my official start date is actually this upcoming Monday).  The Curves Complete program offers me everything that Weight Watchers was offering.... ONLY BETTER.  Let me tell you why its better for me. 

1) I'm already working out there.  The convenience of weigh ins, education and group support all at the same place where I work out means that its more efficient for me.

2) I actually am saving money too!  I didn't think that I would save money since the Curves Complete is $200 for three months and Weight Watchers was costing me about $50/month to go to the weekly meetings.  But as it turns out,  for the extra few dollars a month with Curves Complete, both me and my husband can participate in it for that amount (the program is web based, but he CANNOT work out with me at Curves...its women only) AND I get online benefits.  Weight Watchers would have cost me an extra $49 for online goodies in addition to the $50/month for weigh ins, education and group support. Because of the cost, my husband couldn't ever really participate with me on Weight Watchers.  He's now on board for the Curves Complete.  *Note: also, I received a month's supply of Curves Protein Shake mix, a Curves tote bag, a Curves pedometer and a 30 day supply of vitamins.  I don't know what the value was for all of that, but once I joined, I QUICKLY realized that my decision was financially sound.

3) There is NOTHING like Curves "group support".  When I attended Weight Watchers meetings, I would stand in line, weigh in, then sit for about a 45 minute meeting where we would cheer successes then listen to the speaker talk about that week's education topics.  With Curves, I still weigh in once a week, but meet with my Curves owner one-on-one to look at my tracked meals for the week, my workouts, fat loss education and discuss ME overall.  I don't share that time with anyone else.  And when I have successes to celebrate, they are announced to EVERYONE working out on the Curves circuit, graphed on a chart for me and posted on the wall for everyone to see.  And as far as the group meetings....well, my meetings now take place four times a week while I'm working out.  Instead of sitting in a chair for a meeting I'm working out on the Curves circuit for 30 minutes talking to all the ladies about how my Curves Complete week is going.  Honestly, the support I'm getting at Curves just can't be beat!

So, in a nutshell, I'm sort of on an exciting new journey for the next 90 days with this Curves Complete.  I'm excited about it and look forward to sharing some really big progress before its time to run out and buy my wedding dress.... I promise to keep you all posted!!!  I'm enthusiastic that there is going to be a lot to share!

***P.S. The one piece that I forgot to mention is that I SO LOVE the easy and fun workout at Curves.  I call it my "girl time" because all us girls go around the circuit while talking, gabbing, sharing and laughing.  I work up quite a sweat during the 30 minute workout, but barely notice it because of all the fun I'm having.  Now that Curves has Zumba... I'm warned that I'm REALLY going to love my workouts!!!  NICE!


Patty Mowery said...

Curves is awesome. However, my legs got so bad with the peripheral neuropathy that I could not handle the pain. You listen and listen well. They will get you on the right plan. You can do it!! I sang that part. lol

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That is sooooooo awesome!!! You go girl! :):):):):):):):):):):)

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

YAY...go you!!! :)

Tya TK said...

I'm doing Curves Complete too! We can do this!! Looking forward to reading your updates.