Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Am Reminded

WOW!  What a morning I've had already!!!  A friend of mine was recounting some health issues she's dealing with and I was reminded what this upcoming week with Curves Complete really means to me.... how far I've come with my own health.  I'm really overwhelmed with gratitude!  And it all really started with taking responsibility.

I will never tell anyone that they shouldn't seek medical advice.  But while seeking medical attention from a doctor,  make sure you take responsibility for your health as well.  And if you're sick, don't rely on someone else to take care of you!  "Cure me with a pill while I do nothing"  is not a healthy attitude!  When we are sick we should do everything in OUR power to heal.  If you're ill and you think that donuts and ice cream will heal you, then you're biggest illness might not just be physical. And I can speak as someone who used to be very ill... while food SHOULD NOT be used to medicate, it SHOULD be used as medicine.

What do I mean by food should not be used to medicate?  I mean that when you're feeling bad, don't turn to food for comfort but DO turn to food that is good for you to make you feel better.  Unfortunately while dealing with some pretty severe illness, I turned to donuts and ice cream for comfort because I was feeling so bad.  In turn, it made me sicker and left me with an added health issue.... obesity.  I'm blessed today because since I started fasting twice a year and eating far better than I ever have, the only health issue I'm dealing with today is the extra pounds. 

Now I'm not making light of that.  Obesity is a pretty serious illness, but like all illnesses I've had to date, I believe that I CAN HEAL from it.  Tomorrow is my official start date for the Curves Complete program and it is my next step on the path of healing from obesity.  I'm also taking this opportunity to cut gluten from my diet (I actually already started the gluten free bit a couple of days ago) and will spend the next 90 days focused on healing.  I'm excited to see myself in 90 days.

So I've come a long way in my journey to healthy and am about to start the next leg, but for those of you who might be starting out, here's where I started:  Fasting for health* and an alternative to pain medication.

Here's to our health. I'm hopeful that my journey helps someone else.

*I personally don't have any one recommendation for fasting.  There are so many fasts out there from The Master Cleanser to water and juice fasting.  If you are prone to eating disorders or are someone who will abuse fasting or not use it for what it's intended for, PLEASE do not attempt.  I would also say that to someone who is prone to narcotic addiction to stay away from pain meds and opt for pain management alternatives.  The point of fasting is to give your body a break from processing food so that it can heal itself; the longest I've ever fasted for is 25 days.  I say that whatever fast is easiest for you to do, that is the one you should start with.  I started with The Master Cleanser but have since started Juice fasting twice a year using the Green Smoothie Revolution.

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You rock girl!! Such an awesome post!