Monday, June 21, 2010

Stitch Happy

So, I've owned my sewing machine for better than 10 years, unused. I take that back, I used it once, realized that I wasn't immediately good at it and then stuck it in storage never to think of it again. Prior to getting my sewing machine as a Christmas present I was convinced that I wanted to make my own clothes. I envisioned the pride and joy of shopping for new and trendy patterns and then constructing the perfect outfit to show off to all my jealous friends.... that vision disappeared the minute I plugged in my new sewing machine. I mean COME ON, all of the sales people (INCLUDING that overly perky chick on HSN) said that the machine would basically run itself. LIARS! Not only do you have to run it, but a person could lose a solid inch on the length of a sleeve with a line of stitching that isn't perfectly straight.

Enter paper crafting.... the thing that brought my sewing machine out of the deep, dark recesses of my closet after more than 10 years. Sewing on cards did you say? Scrapbook layouts too? OOOOO, NOW I'm interested, and sew I did. Now, I haven't done a ton of sewing on my paper crafts, but I've done enough to discover that sewing really is fun.... well, as an artistic embellishment anyway. I've found that content determines how carefully I sew on my projects (and how careful determines how long I will be sewing too... hahahaha). The card featured here (click on the pic to enlarge) was created for The Town Scrapper's Monday Showcase. I used one of my favorite stamps from one of my favorite stamp lines: Kraftin Kimmie Stamps. Since the image is so whimsical, my stitches didn't need to be so clean and structured... and thank goodness! Cuz I'm not a real clean and structured kind of girl! It's almost as if the uneven lines and broken stitches matches the features of this little "Lillith" stamp.

If you too have a sewing machine that's collecting dust, pull it out and try using it to embellish your paper crafting. You might find the fun of sewing has nothing to do with creating a wardrobe! And to see more awesome cards, be sure to check out the AMAZING design team creations over at The Town Scrapper blog. The Town Scrapper carries all of my favorite stamps. If you see anything you just gotta have, you can email the owner Phebe at, and look for her upcoming online store. We are ALL psyched about it!!! :)


Ann said...

I love my sewing machine!! Great card, love her, she's so cute.

Tricia said...

Thanks so much for your comment Danielle! Yes, I had picked-up Emilia from Phebe late last week and couldn't wait to ink her up. Thought this showcase would be the perfect opportunity as the challenge prize is also a Kraftin' Kimmie. I love your KK card and your post has got me thinking I should pull out the crafting sewing machine I bought last year and have only used a few times. :)