Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi there gang! Here's a little project journey that included one of the newer Cricut cartridges.... Sentimentals!

I got the Sentimentals Cricut cartridge a short while ago and LOVE how versatile this cart is!!! Is it just me, or is Cricut making EVERY cartridge a must have? UGH! Sentimentals is proving to be no different!
So I spent about an hour coloring this GORGEOUS Lisa Victoria Dragon image, cut it out with my Cuttlebug and a Spellbinder's Nestibilities die and sat it aside while I figured out what to do with this little gem. A couple of days later Sentimentals arrived in the mail and as I was browsing the idea book, the flower card and matching envelope JUMPED off the page at me. "How PERFECT to go with that cute little dragon I finished just the other day!" Typically, a card that doesn't have patterned paper and ribbon is usually quite boring to me, but this card just seems to work in it's simplicity! The AWESOME dragon and the flower die cut are plenty to give this card a little 'WOW' factor. And let me just add that by using my Gypsy to put this together, it was a ONE CUT job that took 15 minutes to complete. Here's how I did it.... in fact, this is how I do ALL my cards. NO WONDER I didn't do these cards before having my Gypsy... this is SOOOO much easier.
And here I am adding my images to my virtual mat on my Gypsy. What you don't see here is that I originally designed on a 12 x 24" mat because my "layers" button on my isn't working (???). The best part, I added my images to my virtual cutting mat while they were still grouped and then ungrouped them to move each image to where I wanted them on my ACTUAL 12 x 12" cutting mat (I touched the silver menu button and selected "change mat size"). Now, the reason these steps are significant is because by adding the card WITH the envelope (grouped together) to your mat BEFORE sizing means that when you do increase the sizes, they will both change proportionately to one another. No muss and no fuss with trying to figure out exactly what size the card needs to be and then figuring out what size the envelope needs to be. EVERY card (this method works great for Wild Cards as well) and every envelope cut perfectly to fit together and you never have to worry about "doing the math". I LOVE it.

So here I am laying out my pieces.... PERFECT FIT! Time to connect my Gyspy to the machine and cut. No wasted paper or "trial runs"....those of you who made cards before the existence of Design Studio or the Gyspy know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! LOL!
And finally, here is the matching envelope with the card inside... SWEET!!! And now with the hide feature from the last update, I can go in and hide those hash marks that usually show you where to score, but have a tendency (like in the case of this AMAZING card I made a few weeks ago) to "stick out" once you've scored your line. Pam over at The Bug Bytes , I know, has and WILL be talking about THAT new and exciting feature! ;)


Nicole said...

I love your card, it looks great! Oh I wonder what kind of things I could come up with if I had a Gypsy.

The paper is Making Memories. Isn't is fabulous!

flowerdisco said...

such a beautiful dragon. :)