Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Whole Package

It's always fun when you meet people who are "the whole package"! When someone is mega talented but humble and helpful... well, that's just a combination that simply inspires and awes!
So, I just recently became a blog manager over at The Town Scrapper (big news folks! And the reason I've been MIA this week!) and I'm dealing with some VERY talented designers on the design team for this blog. Now you'd think talent like that should go to some one's head... I mean, I'D be a diva. Hahahahahahaha!

My VERY FIRST blog assignment is due tomorrow and some pretty pertinent information was missing requiring me to do some research that was taking more time than I had available (because I waited till the last minute...NICE) and I was spinning my wheels because I was looking in the WRONG PLACE!!!! Please let me clarify: I am a STRAWBERRY blonde... no, really!!! And who steps up to save me? Miss "I'm not a diva but totally should be", Donna!!! She not only created an AMAZING card to feature in my first blog post at The Town Scrapper, but she also invested some time today finding me names of stamps that were used to create OTHER'S design entries as well. I'm so impressed with this design team and I'm so grateful for people like Donna.... you really are the Whole Package!!! And this blog manager gig is turning out to be pretty incredible! There is certainly more to come on that folks!
Gang... you all REALLY need to see Donna's amazing designs! You can check out her AWESOME blog HERE! 10 High Fives for you Donna!!! And 10 High Fives for the design team at The Town Scrapper (Donna's leading with 10 high fives)!!!


Donna said...

Awwwwwww Danielle, that's so sweet of you, and certainly unexpected, but it's what any one of us would have done when you see a fellow teamie struggling, but thank you for the lovely comments, you've really made my day.........sending you HUGE hugs.
Donna xx

Donna said...

Awwwwww Danielle, that is so sweet of you, and totally unexpected, but it's what any fellow teamie would do when you see one struggling, but I thank you for your lovely comments, you've really made my day. Sending you HUGE hugs
Donna xx