Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've Returned But Might Have To Go Back For More

Possible Eclipse Spoiler Alert!!!

Ok, I just got back and..... WHOA MAN! WHERE DO I START??? This one blew the other two Twilight films AWAY!!! Is it just me or did this movie have EVERYTHING??? Comedy... check! Drama... check! ACTION... check! And romance... DOUBLE check!!! And the dude who played Riley NAILED IT!!! And thank goodness that Edward was a lot less "brooding" in this one. What I mean when I say that is he didn't take three days to say his lines... acting lessons?

Anyway, this movie seemed to stray from the book way more than the first two did, but remembering how thick the third book was, I remember that there was a very large story to tell in just over 2 hours. And, was the line that became the whole namesake of the story missing from this film??? Or did I just miss it? I might have to see Eclipse again later in the week to make sure. It's possible that I was so wrapped up in Twilight deliciousness that I might have missed it.... I mean, this movie was so good, I think I DID black out a couple of times!

This one is a winner! EVERYONE did an amazing job with this installment of this epic love triangle! Props to a bigger budget and acting lessons (I'm sure)! Run, don't walk, to this one!!! Five bazillion high fives on this one gang!!!
***Thank you MissSarahGirl at FanPop for the wonderful image posted above!

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Jasmine said...

I think you're right, we just got back and i cant remember hearing that line.

but the movie was really good. i think they get better which each part!?