Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Quick Poll

I currently have about 90 Copic markers in my collection (some people collect stamps, I collect Copics) and I ran a quick poll amongst my fellow DT members over at The Town Scrapper and the results were so interesting, I thought I would share them with you.

I asked: "What if there was a limit/ban on Copic markers and you could only ever own 12...which 12 could you not live without and why?" NO ONE could keep their collection to 12.

This was my answer: I'm still pretty new to the world of Copics, but so far it would be E11, E50 and E51 for light skin tones. B93, B97 and B99 for denim. W3, C2 and N9 for highlight and lowlights. Y13, R27 and R59... well, just because, and then I'd risk prison to smuggle in the colorless blender. I'm suddenly realizing that 12 could NEVER work! How the heck did I survive kindergarten with only 8 crayons????

So now it's YOUR turn! Would you risk prison to keep all your Copics? I challenge anyone to keep their collection to 12!!! hahahahahahaha!


1 comment:

Maria Matter said...

omgosh, that is too funny!

I like the co op idea! lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog with your sweet comment hun!