Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm On Vacate

With this crazy economy and money tight, I STILL manage to vacation at least once a week. I had a phone conversation with my sister the other day and we discussed the power of visual and scent or flavor triggers that make you relax. Pictures of tropical beaches that we love to set as our screen savers is a VERY good example. So today I'm going to touch on how and where I "vacate" every week. I'm also going to throw in a little bonus a la my sister.

1.) Key lime Pie Protein Smoothie: A protein shake recipe straight out of my favorite recipe book of all time, Eating For Life. Every time I taste this shake I'm whisked back to my visit to the Florida Keys a number of years back, enjoying the BEST key lime pie on earth! Every sip is a mini vacation. You can see from the pic that I milk this mini-vacate to the hilt, full-on with decorative palm tree drink stirrer... a frozen one at that! It extends my get-away a little without leaving my kitchen.

2.) Tea Time: I don't know what it is about a good cup of hot tea; and I'm quite partial to chai tea. Maybe it's the warmth or the exotic flavors, but does it really matter... it works. Instant vacation. PS. This one really only works to calm and sooth if you have your tea in a quiet room that is free of clutter. Trust me.

3.) My Bath: So EVERY week I take about a half hour to soak in a hot bath... but this is no ordinary bath. It's always a full tub of hot water with about 20 drops of essential oil (usually Rose Absolute or Lavender) coupled with an organic natural soap made with the same scent. I also burn incense with the matching fragrance and light candles for a relaxing glow. Talk about a sensory overload. Once a week my bathroom becomes a 5 star spa retreat. PSSST... I almost forgot the meditation music. It's quite a vacation get away.


4.) So this next vacation get away is a little "iffy". While I completely agree that a tanning salon's sights and smells quickly move you to relaxation, the concern for your skin's health is of the utmost importance. So if you are like my sister and "vacate" to a tanning salon, please remember your sunscreen.... the coconut scented kind that will only add to the 20 minute vacation experience.
Bon Voyage vacationers! :)

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