Friday, February 5, 2010

Master Your Metabolism

So, I said a short while ago that I was going to get Jillian Michaels' new book, Master Your Metabolism, and I did! OMG!!!! IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER TO BE PUBLISHED.... ok, that might be a little dramatic, but it's close!!!

My health journey began years ago after having a nurse practitioner prescribe an antidepressant for me to take when there was nothing chemically wrong with me ON TOP of the multiple pain killers I was also prescribed prior to the antidepressant. And for those who do not know... if you ARE NOT depressed due to a chemical imbalance that the body cannot balance on it's own, chemicals added to your system cause SEVERE PROBLEMS.... like wanting to kill yourself problems! At least, that is what happened to me. I thought I was crazy and sought help which led me to work with a life coach out of a holistic clinic. I was FREED by this holistic doctor and set on a long path to achieve optimum health. My journey would later pick up pace when my sister invited me to do the Master Cleanse with her back in 2004... you all KNOW how much I love that MC!!! :) So with that back story being shared, enter Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels.

Master Your Metabolism has so fine tuned the knowledge that I've gained over the years, that I can't help but be overly excited about it. I mean, I'm telling everyone...screaming it from mountain tops! Jillian (with the help of Mariska Van Aalst) explained, biologically, what the additives and preservatives and poisons are doing to our hormones. Our hormones are the communicators for just about every function of our body (including losing weight, being healed from disease, etc.) and these toxins disrupt (even change) that communication.

That biological information is so key to have and could change some paradigms! My mother-in-law said that she once met a man who got very sick and became a vegan and was healed, convincing her that she needed to be a vegan. After reading Jillian's book (and discovering that, of all the foods that are the most hopped up with chemicals, it's anything from an animal! Animals eat the pesticides from the crops AND are injected with hormones and antibiotics whereas fruit and veggies only have the dozen or so pesticides) I'm convinced that it wasn't necessarily the vegan diet so much as the decrease of chemicals in the system that cured this man my mother-in-law met. I KNEW that God wouldn't tell us to eat meat if it wasn't good for us. We just have to eat GOOD MEAT! For more info on that, please read Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 in the Bible. God is just awesome!!!

Anyway, here's where I'll end my rant. Master Your Metabolism (AND the Bible for that matter) is on my MUST READ list and gets 100,000 High Fives! Go get it and master your metabolism.... master your health!

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